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Thank you to all my brilliant clients for their wonderful comments.

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“I really look forward to Sarah's classes, each week is different which keeps it interesting and she has such a lovely approach to teaching the group, Sarah makes the classes supportive and fun.”


"I have been going to Sarah's yoga classes for a while now and I look forward to every class.  Sarah is an amazing yoga teacher who makes each lesson enjoyable."


"I tried many yoga classes over the years but couldn't find the right 'fit', finding them to be intimidating or boring. Her friendly, joyful personality and the ever changing routines have kept me a regular for many years. I couldn't be happier."


"Every week is different in Sarah's yoga classes. She's helpful, funny and manages a class from complete beginners to those who can stand on their head whilst in lotus position.  Truthfully I only come for the sleep and biscuits at the end."


“I have been going to Sarah’s yoga lessons regularly since 2013. All of them have been delivered with Sarah’s unshakable energy and passion for yoga. I have continued to grow in my yoga practice thanks to Sarah’s enthusiasm.”


"I loved Sarah's yoga classes while I was pregnant. They really helped with my sore back and they were also a great way of meeting other mums-to-be, with tea, cake and fruit after the class. The class was always a great start to the weekend and kept me well through my pregnancy.”


“Sometimes I actually feel like dancing when I come out of Sarah's class and other times I just feel completely relaxed but I always feel rejuvenated and happy.” 


"I attended Sarah's class from 13 weeks pregnant right up until 38 weeks and can honestly say it helped me to achieve a birth that was empowering, undisturbed and a truly wonderful experience. The breathing techniques I learnt and poses for each stage of labour meant I remained calm and under control, thank you!" 


“Sarah’s classes are the perfect balance of paying due respect to the history of yoga, combining mind, true self, heart, breath and body, but also being enjoyable and fun.

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