Move into Stillness Yoga Classes

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All About My Move into Stillness Yoga Classes

A slower sequenced class initially using flow yoga to increase circulation and move energy around the body, followed by a slow yin practice where poses are held for several minutes and we practise mindfulness meditation. 

By holding the postures for a longer length of time we are working with our connective tissue which inevitably tightens and stiffens up as we age.  Through practising yin yoga we help keep the body flexible.

Yin yoga draws inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which works with the internal organs to enhance our body’s energy and vitality.

Move into Stillness Yoga Classes:


Tuesday 10.30am - 12pm Price £12 (£8 concessionary rate)

Friday 7pm - 8.15pm Price £10 (£7.50 concessionary rate)

Location: United Reformed Church 58 Orford Road, Walthamstow. E17 9QL

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