Yoga in Pregnancy

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About My Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Whether you have an established yoga practice, or have never practised before, yoga in pregnancy is a time to connect to your body in a completely  different way. When we think of getting ready for a baby it’s all too easy to get lost in to do lists from buying babygros to painting a nursery so take time out to prepare your body and your mind for the awesome journey that lies ahead.

My pregnancy classes encourage you to really think about how your body likes to move and there’s time to practise and think about poses to help you birth your baby as well as alleviating the day to day aches and pains of pregnancy from calf cramps, digestive issues to back or hip pain. Learn breathing techniques to help you stay grounded and present throughout pregnancy and labour when everything can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Using yoga techniques you will learn birthing positions, breath practices  and movement  for the early stages of labour so that when the time comes to meet your baby you’ll have a deep understanding of how your body likes to move.

By practising mindfulness techniques you’ll learn how to be in the present when the time comes to meet your baby which can empower your in your labour when it comes to making choices that really support you.

After my Saturday morning class you’re invited to stay for tea, fruit and biscuits so you begin to find your tribe which is so important in those exhilarating and overwhelming days of early motherhood.

 "I attended Sarah's class from 13 weeks pregnant right up until 38 weeks and can honestly say it helped me to achieve a birth that was empowering, undisturbed and a truly wonderful experience. The breathing techniques I learnt and poses for each stage of labour meant I remained calm and under control, thank you!" 

Where to Attend a Class

Pregnancy yoga classes are held: 

When: Saturday morning 9am - 10am - This class is drop in.

What’s Included: Pregnancy Yoga includes the use of essential oils. Then afterwards stay for tea and biscuits to connect with other mums.

Location: The United Reformed Church 58, Orford Road, Walthamstow. E17 8DB

Other Pregnancy Classes

When: Saturdays 12.45pm - 1.45pm

Location: East of Eden Yoga Studio, Hatherley Mews, Walthamstow -  - Please contact the studio directly to book a place

When: Thursdays 3.30-4.30 

Location: Healthworks Yoga Studio, Hoe Street, Walthamstow - Please contact the studio directly to book a place

Birth Preparation

I also teach Birth Preparation classes each month for mums and their birthing partners with Local hypnobirthing teacher Jo Redmond where we learn:

  • Signs and stages of labour 

  • Specific breathing techniques

  • Massage and partner support

  • The hormones of birth and how to manage pain. 

Partners will have a clear idea how to support mums to be throughout the various stages of labour to delivery of your baby.

Happy Mum’s to be

“I really enjoyed the session and thought the combination of partner involvement and the introductory techniques were really helpful. I actually felt the course exceeded all expectations and my partner felt the same.”

Ali M 

“To say we were slightly anxious before would be an understatement but the Birth Preparation Workshop is amazing! We feel properly prepared. (That's even after having had a daughter 20 years ago, very different experience) There's lots about birth positions (plus practice), breathing and detailed explanations of what happens during birthing, and the yoga positions, heavenly. The two go perfectly together, Jo is amazing as is Sarah!”