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Stuff you might want to know before attending your first class 

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Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practising for years  it’s useful to remember that yoga isn’t a competitive sport, there’s nothing to “achieve”. The yoga I practise and teach is all about carving out some time and space to look after yourself.  One of my many favourite quotes is “yoga isn’t about touching your toes it’s what you learn about yourself on the way there”. When we give ourselves time to stop and press pause we can learn how to find a state of ease in our bodies, breathe better  and over time can slow our thinking down.


Initially it can feel quite a shock to the system as we might wake up bits of our body that haven’t been used for a while so be patient with yourself. We wouldn’t expect to be fluent in Spanish after our first lesson so trust that it doesn’t take too long to feel more comfortable in the poses. Just work within your range of motion and mobility and rest whenever you need to.


Most of us think that everyone is “doing” yoga better than we are but the reality is that most of us are like the picture above.

Please tell me  if you have any questions and also if you have any injuries or underlying health conditions so that I can make sure I keep you safe.


Practise regularly and don’t expect overnight results or push yourself too far too soon.  You will be amazed at the results you get in a surprisingly short time. Through developing the discipline of a regular practice you will get exactly where you are meant to be at exactly the right time.


Wear clothing that enables you to move freely. We  do yoga in bare feet as when we stretch our feet it’s so good for our knees and hips over time. 



When attending class 


  • You are responsible for your health and well-being so if you don't feel well stay at home. Please let me know if you feel anxious or overwhelmed and be kind to yourself. It’s been a really unsettling couple of years so acknowledge how human you are  if you feel a little wobbly. 

  • Please do arrive 5-10 mins earlier for your first class  then we can have a check in.

  • Please arrive dressed for practice. There is a toilet in the house if you need to use one. There’s storage space inside where we practice for your shoes and bags.

  • Please take your shoes off before you come into the studio - you can store them inside

  • Mats are  available and these are cleaned afterwards but it's fine if you wish to use your own

  • I use essential oils in my classes so do let me know of any allergies you may have

  • It's advisable not to eat for up to an hour and a half before attending a session


Terms and Conditions 


Payment is made in advance all classes




If you change your mind this is fine as long as you cancel within 12 hours of the start of your class. 

I will endeavour to inform you as soon as I can of any changes so it would be really helpful to have your up to date contact details.


Please kindly note that courses and workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you know at the beginning of the course there’s a session you can’t attend please let me know and we can adjust your payment.


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