Classes run in four week blocks to guarantee you a space at a time that suits along with ensuring your commitment. It doesn't take long to experience the benefits of a regular practice from better sleep to a more grounded energy  but as most of us are better at signing up than showing up we need to commit to ourself. I promise, with a regular practice, you will soon see changes in your physical body as well as experiencing the emotional and mental benefits.

If you cannot commit then there are individual spaces at £12 a session subject to availability. 

If you know in advance you cannot attend a session where possible there is some flexibility to change to another day or pay less at the outset so please do contact me and we can figure something out.

My classes

Whether you wish to build strength and healthy bones, manage anxiety, sleep better, develop flexibility or  support your body and hormones as they change in pregnancy and menopause there is a yoga class for you. Iyengar said the stiffest muscle to work with is our brain so what excuses can you let go of as you take steps to nurture your wellbeing? You're never too old, too stiff, too this or too that to take a yoga class with me.

If you click on a class below you will find a description beneath . I run my classes in four week blocks and by choosing a regular time slot that works for you  this means that you will be making new friends as you practise with the same people each week. You are always invited to share a cup of tea and cake after each block of classes as this past year has been lonely for many of us so its nice to connect to others in your community. 

Yoga Classes