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My classes

Whether you wish to build strength and healthy bones, manage anxiety, sleep better, develop flexibility, boost your energy levels  or  support your body and hormones as they change in pregnancy and menopause there is a yoga class for you. Iyengar said the stiffest muscle to work with is our brain so what excuses can you let go of as you take steps to nurture your wellbeing? You're never too old, too stiff, too this or too that to take a yoga class with me.

I teach all sorts of yoga so read the description below each class to see which style suits you best. I also incorporate reiki healing throughout my teaching so you will experience a beautiful energy flow after class.

There are a range of payment options where you can pay for a single class or buy a pack of classes to save you money if you plan to come more regularly. 

Classes do fill up quickly as there is a maximum of six but please do add your name to the waitlist if you'd like to be notified if a space becomes available.

Click below if you'd like to pay for several classes at a discounted price enabling you to schedule ahead  to suit your diary

Yoga Classes

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