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Sister Circles

In our yang results orientated world of masculine energy we have lost connection to our softer yin side - the divine feminine.  When Christianity and capitalism became the dominant paradigms a lot of ancient knowledge became suppressed and hidden and as a result many of us have disconnected from our authentic self and our ancient wisdom.


These monthly meet ups are intended as a gathering to share our creativity, set intentions and maybe cast a spell or two. 


Whilst magic may seem something we stop believing in as we get older there’s incredible power behind conscious intention and calling in that which we want to receive. Setting some time aside to meditate, light a candle and create some quiet space to settle the mind has enormous benefits and affects the way our life unfolds. So much of our time is spent unconsciously focusing on the things we don’t want , so take this time to consciously create that which you do instead. Where our awareness goes the energy flows and a more scientific interpretation is that spells speak the language of our subconscious - the deeper part of us that we often ignore but when we truly listen will guide us towards our goals and dreams.


These sessions are free if you attend yoga classes with me or there is a £5 fee otherwise.

Enter the code MAGIC at checkout to come for free.

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