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Sarah Rush Yoga Classes
Sarah Rush Yoga Classes

About Me

I have been practising yoga for thirty years and teaching for over ten years and it's the best job in the world to me despite it NEVER feeling like work.  I am registered with Yoga alliance professionals as a Senior Yoga teacher which is their highest level of accreditation. 


I first tried yoga  thirty years ago, in my early twenties, in an attempt to get fit at my local gym. At the time I felt pretty lost and confused but after one class I experienced a strong sense of calm and ease that I’d never really felt before. Initially drawn to the physical practice and loving the strength and flexibility I soon gained I kept returning to my mat for the feelings of peace that followed.


As I’ve changed over the years so has my practice. My daily practice isn’t about getting my body into weird shapes these days - although sometimes that’s fun - it’s about maintaining good mental health and staying sober after a past where I relied on alcohol, substances and anti depressants to help me cope with life’s uncertainties.

Yoga and meditation help me stay grounded and present to my emotions rather than let them overwhelm me and run the show. Through a daily of  practice I’m always reminded that whilst I can’t control what happens to me I can choose how to react and thanks to yoga my choices are a lot healthier these days.

After travelling in India in 2008 and practising on a rooftop with my teacher I had a beautiful (now not so baby) boy and trained as a yoga teacher in  London. Since qualifying in vinyasa flow in 2011 I’ve undertaken so many other trainings in pregnancy, post natal, children’s yoga, teens, yin, mindfulness, meditation, people with cancer and adults and children with disabilities. I’m a perpetual student and  I’m so grateful to be able to share what I’ve learned with others.

I'm so lucky to have trained with some of the most inspiring teachers in the world including Judith Hansen Lasater, Sarah Powers, Max Strom, Anna Forest, Jason Crandell, Norman Blair, David Swenson and Elena Brower.

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