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Sarah Rush Yoga Classes

I'm Sarah - a senior yoga teacher, reiki healer, certified yoga and NLP coach and student energy medicine practitioner.  I have been teaching yoga since 2011, initially in busy studios across London, and now mainly from my beautiful boutique home studio in the heart of Shirley near Southampton Common as well as Hotpod Yoga Southampton and weekly at East of Eden yoga studio in London.  Each session combines my passions of  yoga, mindfulness, poetry, yogic philosophy and essential oils ensuring that you will leave feeling restored, balanced and rejuvenated.


I totally love yoga and instantly fell in love with the feeling of calm at the end of my first session I tried at a local gym over 30 years ago in my early 20s. I now understand this was  a settled nervous system but at the time I’d never experienced it before. I was a bit of a wild child leaving school and home at 16 and partied really hard for several decades using alcohol and drugs to help manage my inner turmoil. In all honesty it was a lot of fun and I got arrested twice but I love the calm chilled life I lead being a mum of three boys (two part-time) in Southampton these days and wouldn’t change it for the world. 

After several dead end jobs I went back to university and studied a sociology degree, PGCE and a Masters degree in Women's studies and my varied  careers have included being a sociology lecturer, a CEO of an advice agency in the voluntary sector and a director of a national charity working in parliament. Despite being successful on the outside, I still struggled internally and relied on substances to feel better on the inside. I was highly stressed, anxious and depressed for so many years always feeling like I didn't fit in and there was something horribly wrong with me.

All that changed 15 years ago when I was 40 - my best friend died, I went travelling in India and seriously took up a yoga practice. Upon returning to London I had my baby, gave up my career and trained as a yoga teacher and I’ve never looked back or been happier. Gradually Yoga healed me and helped me learn how to stay present when my emotions felt unmanageable enabling me to make better choices.  These days I’m free of all addictions except coffee, yoga and an occasional dreadful TV show.

Despite practising yoga on and off for 36 years, I still find it fascinating and I’m always learning more and more and will continue to be an eternal student. My classes weave together ancient philosophy with modern teachings and a lot of humour. I'm currently a student in energy medicine and shamanic healing and I'm really enjoying bringing this deeper ancient wisdom into my work.  Expect to be lovingly challenged, nurtured and held when you come to a class with me.

I'm so lucky to have trained with some of the most inspiring teachers in the world including Judith Hansen Lasater, Sarah Powers, Max Strom, Anna Forest, Jason Crandell, Norman Blair, David Swenson, Jyoti Manuel, Michael Stone and Elena Brower. 

About Me

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