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Throat Chakra - speak your truth

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Vishuddi chakra relates to our voice and how we express ourselves and use our voice. Think about the relationship you have with your voice - often we don’t like the sound of it when we hear a recording, or we don’t want to hear or listen to our inner voice - our intuition which we also associate with our fifth chakra. When we are in balance here we have the ability to speak with truth, as well as the ability to listen and let others speak without needing to fill the gaps. If we are out of balance here, we may talk excessively, gossip or not speak at all. The expressions “cat got your tongue” or “lost for words” apply here. Our words are like spells, they carry tremendous power and energy as the quote from Bruce Lee says at the top - we spin stories about our life that can either empower or disempower us and we have all experienced the uplifting energy when we receive praise or when other people really hear us. The throat chakra is located in our neck, including the throat, thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, mouth, and tongue. As well as practising yoga and breath work to activate this area chanting also helps to clear the throat chakra. The colour we associate with this energy centre is blue and the element is sound and ether so a breath work and chanting practice will reinforce our healing in this energy centre. To support our throat chakra the essential oils you can use are spearmint, bergamot, cypress, geranium and frankincense.

If you like to work with crystals then blue topaz can activate this area or use sapphire and emerald to calm.

If your mind wanders during your yoga practices or meditation repeating an affirmation can help you regain focus. Affirmations are a way to anchor our awareness but they also can offer us deeper insights. If we find we have a strong resistance to an affirmation it might be an indication of an unhealed wound and maybe could be explored through journalling or with the support of a therapist. Here are some suggestions: I speak my truth I express myself freely I listen

I have the right to express myself. If you wish to consider healing this area in more depth, perhaps consider journalling. Journalling offers space to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and intentions. With journalling, we get around the filter of censorship and jot down the first thing that crops up this is a tool for reflecting on all that happens and creating space to vision. We hold so many unconscious stories and journalling gives us space to reflect and possibly reframe experiences and see the joy. This is how we take our power back.

After meditation try journalling around the following prompts:

Do I feel comfortable expressing myself or do I find that I censor myself around others?

Am I a good listener? Is the way I speak to myself internally kind ? Do my thoughts empower me or disempower me? What am I not saying? Do I need to have a difficult conversation with someone? Do my thoughts, words and actions align with each other? With whom do I censor myself most and why?

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