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Yoga on Youtube

A beautifully balanced class of dynamic movement and deep rest inviting us to befriend the body  

60 mins

Fall over and get back up again. This sequence encourages you to leave perfection behind and wobble as we PLAY with our balance

59 minutes

A sweet practice to get a little headspace. Ideal to do before bed or anytime you need some timeout

39 mins

A beautifully balanced flow and restore class for the energy of the full moon

61 mins

A sweet practice to ease out back and shoulders in pregnancy

48 mins

A  vinyasa flow class exploring circles and cycles in our bodies and joints.

61 mins

A sweet practice to help us locate peace within ourselves

60 mins

A slow and reasonably strong flow to tune in to a quieter space inside

61 mins

Anatomically this practice soothes your shoulders which is the energetic space of the heart chakra - our centre of love and compassion ❤️

59 mins

Take some time away from your desk to release tension from your shoulders, neck and lower back. A sweet reset

21 mins

A lovely relaxing class mixing yin and restorative for those days when  you’re feeling a little rubbish. Allow yourself to sit with discomfort rather than push your difficult emotions away as you trust that this too will pass

46 mins

Get moving and breathing in this energising flow to start your day

22 mins

A flowing class initially to release tension  that moves into sweet stillness

53 mins

A sweet practice to do after cleaning your teeth with your pyjamas on to help you get into a deeply rested state before sleep

29 mins

Sometimes just stepping away to breathe and move can help you shift your emotional state. This simple practice involves combining breath with gentle, repetitious movement to soothe your nervous system

30 mins

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