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Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practising for years  it’s useful to remember that yoga isn’t a competitive sport, there’s nothing to “achieve”. The yoga I practise and teach is all about carving out some time and space to connect to yourself.  One of my many favourite quotes is “yoga isn’t about touching your toes it’s what you learn about yourself on the way there”. When we give ourselves time to stop and press pause we can learn how to find a state of ease in our bodies, breathe better slow our thinking down and learn how to heal ourselves.  Healing doesn’t mean “get better” it has its origins in the old English word haelen  which means “wholeness” or “being whole, sound and well”.


My classes offer a perfect sanctuary for you to connect to and heal yourself.

Classes in my home studio are restricted to a maximum of seven meaning you get lots of attention in a friendly, supportive environment. 

I also teach a weekly class and workshops at East of Eden yoga studio in London and Hotpod Yoga Southampton

  I am registered with Yoga alliance professionals as a Senior Yoga teacher which is their highest level of accreditation. 


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I have been going to Sarah’s yoga lessons regularly since 2013. Over the years I have been to most of her classes including; pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga, restorative and vinyasa flow. All of them have been delivered with Sarah’s unshakable energy and passion for yoga. I have continued to grow in my yoga practice thanks to Sarah’s enthusiasm, and will continue to do so, for as long as I attend her lessons.


I’ve attended many yoga classes with many different types of instructors. You are far and away my favourite. Your knowledge of the practice and wealth of quotes to fit any mood or situation always astounds me. I love how you mix humour and sincerity into every hour, and consider what our needs might be depending on life/moon/whatever. You always seem to get it right and I’ve walked away from every class feeling better for spending that hour with you.

Nicole Gray

Sarah’s classes are the perfect balance of paying due respect to the history of yoga, combining mind, true self, heart, breath and body, but also being enjoyable and fun. Even when I feel tired or emotional I come out of the classes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Sarah always encourages me to take yoga at the pace I need that day, even if that means spending a large amount of time in child’s pose.

The use of essential oils really expands the experience too. It really aids in relaxing the mind and body to fully arrive in the right place.  Sarah also shares knowledge from her own constant learning, sharing relevant quotes and poetry during classes.  All this combines to make the class nurturing, invigorating, and therapeutic whilst building strength

Laura Lee Milling

Sarah Rush Yoga Classes
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