Welcome to Sarah Rush Yoga.


It’s impossible to breathe deeply and feel anxious at the same time.

So simple to say and yet so difficult to remember sometimes. A regular yoga practice can help you press pause, breathe well and start to slow your thinking down.

Over time we find ourselves naturally taking these skills with us off the mat and into our life.


My Classes

My classes are designed to suit everyone no matter what stage you are with your yoga. I have a range of different classes available. Find out more below.

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Private Yoga

After an initial one to one session I can visit you at home and tailor a yoga home practice for you using essential oils for emotional and physical support.

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Class Times

Take a look at what my clients are saying about my classes and get in touch to find out more about how I can help you with a yoga session to suit you.

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About Me

My own introduction to yoga came thirty years ago, in my early twenties, in an attempt to get fit at my local gym. After one class I experienced a strong sense of calm and ease that I’d never really felt before. 


“Sometimes I actually feel like dancing when I come out of Sarah's class and other times I just feel completely relaxed but I always feel rejuvenated and happy.”


Happy Clients

Take a look at what my clients are saying about my classes then come along yourself and see what yoga can do for you.