Preparing for the fourth Trimester
Saturday 11th June 1.30-5pm 


We spend so much time and energy preparing for birth, what comes after often gets forgotten and often takes new Mums by surprise.


Birth is normally 1-2 days but the fourth trimester goes on for 40 days and is one of the biggest, most amazing adventures of your life!!


Come and Join Sarah Rush pregnancy yoga teacher and  Anne Huygens a postnatal doula and breastfeeding support specialist  for an afternoon of yoga, meditation, nourishing nibbles  and lots of tips to help you  focus on the self-care that is essential for a smoother postnatal experience. We will be sharing everything we wish we'd known when we had our babies.

Our plan for the day is .

1.30-2pm Intros and sharing circle 

2-3pm Yoga class followed by nourishing snacks and tea 

3-3.45 Preparing for a positive post natal experience 

3.45- 4.15 Self Care techniques

4.15-4.40  Sharing circle

4.40-5 pm  Yoga Nidra 

With a maximum of 6 spaces it’s a welcoming space for connection

Yoga for sleep workshop 
2-4pm September 10th 2-4pm

“Sleep is the best meditation “ Dalai Lama

According to a recent study a third of the UK population suffer from insomnia which affects all aspects of our lives including our relationships as well as our mental and physical health. 


Once we are caught up in a cycle of not sleeping we are more prone to racing thoughts, poor sleep, anxiety about poor sleep and “unhelpful” patterns of thoughts and behaviour. Catching up on sleep during the day may then make it difficult to get to sleep at bedtime.


Come along to this experiential workshop where we will look at how what we do during the day can help or hinder sleep and leave with a sleep routine you’ve designed that is personal and unique to you.


The workshop will consist of a short movement practice to shake off tension, a discussion around how stress and other factors in our environment can affect our sleep and identify ways to manage and alleviate them. We will also be trying out some essential oils which specifically help us sleep and looking at the science behind why this is.


The second part of the workshop will be a relaxing restorative yoga practice with mindfulness meditation and specific breathing practices that will help you get a deep and restful sleep.