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Letting go and looking forward
New Year mini retreat with lunch
Tuesday January 2nd 10.30-3.30

Preparing for your fourth trimester 
Saturday 16th September 1.30-5pm



“It is not just the baby that is born but the mother also”   Osho


We spend so much time and energy throughout our  pregnancy preparing for birth but often what follows  can take new mums by surprise.


As well as giving birth to a new baby, you give birth to a new identity which can lead to a whole range of emotions, often overlooked and unexplored as all focus is  on your newborn.


Whilst birth is normally 1-2 days the period that follows - known as the fourth trimester - goes on for 40 days and is one of the biggest, most amazing and exhilarating adventures of your life!


Come and Join Sarah Rush pregnancy yoga teacher and Anne Huygens a postnatal doula and breastfeeding support specialist  for an afternoon retreat to create time and space to vision how you’d like to begin  this  next chapter of you as well as developing a practical toolkit unique to you for your fourth trimester.


Beginning with a yoga and meditation practice we will cover breathing techniques, poses to help you find ease in your body as well as holding space to vision what your early days of motherhood might look like. 


After eating lovely nourishing food together there will be an interactive session focusing on the self care that is essential for a smoother post natal experience.


Moving forward there’s an opportunity to form a WhatsApp group to support each other and build a new community as you share this amazing journey together bearing in mind the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”.

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